Important things pregnant women should know while cleaning


Important things pregnant women should know while cleaning

It is a known fact that there is a link between the exposure of cleaning products and respiratory problems. So imagine how that could affect an unborn baby in the mother’s womb, even before inhaling his first breath.

Prenatal exposure to home cleaning products and house hold cleaners have been found to cause persistent wheezing in children after birth in a UK study, and the children who suffered from wheezing tend to have respiratory complications later in life. Cleaning products such as disinfectants, bleach, carpet cleaners, air fresheners, aerosol, pesticides, were estimated by researchers, by comparing the number of exposure per day for each pregnant mother, to the number of children born with respiratory problems.

The findings in the study showed that there was a correlation between the exposure of these chemical to wheezing in infants, and the respiratory complications seemed to have continued throughout childhood. Exposure to cleaning products is harmful to the infants before and after birth, so it is important to use safe home made product or non-toxic green cleaning products while pregnant.

Lots of things change when a woman is pregnant, so it is important to take precautions when it comes to home cleaning. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts to help pregnant women while cleaning.

  1. Read the labels carefully: Look carefully for words like toxic, danger, poison, corrosive on the labels of house cleaning products, and avoid using those products. Try using products labelled non-toxic and all natural.
  2. Make your own safe home cleaning product: There are many safe home made cleaning solution. A mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water will make an excellent cleaning solution for bath tubs, tiles and counter tops. Baking soda is good for hard stain remover, and a mixture of 1 part of hydrogen peroxide with water will make a good stain remover for laundry instead of using bleach.
  3. Wear gloves while cleaning: During pregnancy, this skin’s sensitivity is higher than normal, and products that never bothered you before could cause skin irritation. Get a pair of gloves to protect your skin while cleaning.
  4. Avoid cleaning mold in the house: Mold can be toxic and it is advisable for pregnant women to clean a moldy area or bathroom. Have you partner or friend assist with the cleaning of bathrooms or hire a professional cleaning service.
  5. Avoid wearing shoes in the house: Allows remove your shoes outside the entrance of the door, and have other do so as well. Doing so, your house will be less dirty and free of some toxins. You may also want to keep a pair of indoor shoes designated for inside the house only.





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