Learn how to have fun while cleaning your bedroom


Learn how to have fun while cleaning your bedroom

Cleaning of a messy bedroom can often be a challenging task, which often results in procrastination and one may end up sharing their bedroom with unwanted bugs and germs. Here is a fun step to help you engage in cleaning your room.

  1. Use external stimulus to get you in the right frame of mind: You may want to use your favorite music, or something upbeat to get you pumped and ready for the task ahead. Other suggestions are audio of book or movie, as long as it does not take your focus away.
  2. Open windows for light and fresh air: While cleaning, you want as much light as you can in the room in order to see all the dirty areas. You also want fresh air coming into the room while dusting or sweeping for better breathing and ventilation.
  3. Remember to take breaks as needed: Taking a break to relax, eat or drink a cup of water is a good idea, because you don’t want to rush through everything just to get the job done quickly. It is better to take longer and clean thoroughly.
  4. Change up your arrangements: You should re-arrange the bedroom set and position from time to time for a newer feel. You can also try arranging the clothes in your closest by colors. Be creative and switch your style up often .
  5. Remember to change you bedding regularly: You always want to change your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly. The fact that the me still look clean or even smell clean does not make the bug free.

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