How to clean mold and mildew stains


How to clean mold and mildew stains

Mold and mildew are fungi, microscopic organisms that thrive in a moist environment. Mold and mildew develop within 48 hours of moisture exposure. If you smell a a musty odor in your home, chances are that there is probably mold or mildew.



Ways to removing Mold & Mildew.

  1. Dealing with the root cause: Since mold is a moisture problem, cleaning the mold itself is not enough. Clean, dry and repair every water logged area with 24 hours to prevent mold from growing. Always use personal protective equipment’s when cleaning mold and mildew.  Bathrooms, kitchen, sinks and all water areas, are the locations that molds will usually grow. So you want to be sure to always wipe these area dry and open windows in bathrooms and kitchens to allow fresh air to assist in drying the moisture. If the mold growth is large (over 10 square ft), it is advisable to seek professional help. Never paint over a moldy surface, as this is referred to as a band-aid treatment. It does not treat the mold itself, as some molds can be harmful “toxic mold”.
  2. A mixture of bleach and warm water:  Part A- mix 1 part bleach + 10 parts of water solution in a small spray bottle is an effective solution for cleaning mold and mildew. Use a brush for scrubbing the affected area and be sure to dry the area even after cleaning, in order not to promote mold growth again, which is due to moisture. Part B –Use undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and clean the infested area with a brush, but avoid using this solution on a wooden surface.
  3. Use a borax solution to kill and inhibit mold growth: Mix 1 cup of borax with a bucket of water. With a brush scrub the affected area very well , rinse with water and dry the surface area. Borax is excellent for killing mold and preventing further growth of future mold, but be cautious not to ingest borax, because it is harmful.
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide: Use a 3% undiluted hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray the affected surface and wait for 10-15 mins before wiping the surface clean. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing heavy stains caused by mold.
  5. Use Ammonia solution: Mix 1 part of ammonia + 1 part of water in a spray bottle. Never mix ammonia with bleach, it creates chlorine gas which is a harmful fume. Spray the affected area, and with ammonia allow the solution to sit for several hours before scrubbing the surface and wiping it dry.
  6. Use baking soda: Baking soda is a safe cleaning product that is pet and environmental friendly. It helps to clean and deodorize mold and mildew. Apply baking soda directly to an affected area or mix baking soda with some parts of water. Baking soda is good for surfaces like wooden furniture and or dry wall. Allow the solution to penetrate into the affected surface and wipe the area dry.

Tackling mold and mildew can be done with some common home made solution, but you may want to consult a professional in some severe cases.

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